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Novopro SDX booth with lighting rig and bags


Novopro RGBW LED scrim


Novopro MS100 Microphone stand


Novopro MB4 Mic stand bag for 4 x stands


Novopro BD1 - SDX spare shelf boards


Novopro MS SDX - microphone stand with bracket


Novopro PS1 - moving head/podium stand


Novopro Scrim White - 700mm x 1200mm


Novopro bag SDX - spare bag set


Novopro SB2 speaker stand lighting bracket


Novopro CDJ dual table stand


Novopro LS25 Pro Laptop stand and bag


Novopro LAP laptop table stand


Novopro SS2HQ Speaker stand kit with bag


Novopro LS20 laptop stand and bag


Novopro Laptop Tray 1


Novopro SMS100 studio monitor stand


Novopro Accessory shelf bracket


Novopro iPad/Tablet Bracket 1


Novopro Scrim black - 700mm x 1200mm


Novopro G clamp 2 – black


Novopro G clamp 1 – black






Novopro BP 50 spare UHF BODYPACK mic kit


Novopro RM kit 1.  19” Rack mount kit


Novopro wireless mic. / accessory case


Novopro desk holder for handheld wireless mics


Novopro FPB1 foldable portable booth


Novopro LS80 controller / laptop stand


Novopro LS30 laptop stand


Novopro PS1SB Spare Black Scrim for PS1 podium


Novopro PS1SW Spare White Scrim for PS1 podium


Novopro PS1 LKU Lectern Kit upgrade kit for PS1


Novopro PS1 LECTERN complete Lectern package (1 x PS1 and 1 x LKU kit)


Novopro PS1 35MM Speaker stand adaptor 35mm


Novopro PS1 BAG carry bag for 1 or 2 PS1 podiums


Novopro WMS1 pair of wall mount speaker brackets




Novopro FLS1 floor lighting stand


Novopro CUP1 universal cup holder


Novopro SSCRIM1 WHITE 1 sided speaker stand scrim


Novopro SSCRIM1 BLACK 1 sided speaker stand scrim


Novopro SSCRIM2 WHITE 2 sided speaker stand scrim


Novopro SSCRIM2 BLACK 2 sided speaker stand scrim


Novopro UTIL1 CASE Universal utility transport case


Novopro ASP1 Adjustable height speaker pole


Novopro BAR1 lighting bar 1m long with fixings


Novopro TOP1 35mm speaker stand top hat adaptor


Novopro WHM240 Rechargeable wireless headset microphone system


Novopro UV Bar 9 Classic UV black-light effects bar


Novopro Partybar 100 DMX

48w RGBW, remote controlled lighting rig with bags


Novopro TriLighter 3

Mains / rechargeable triangular multicolour uplighter


Novopro Moonbulb 1

Spectacular disco beam effects from a rotating bulb


Novopro LaserPar 3R

Spectacular multicolour wash effects plus built-in red & green star cluster laser


Novopro GoboSphere

Spectacular rotating LED sphere that creates beams of light plus moving gobos


Novopro Derby 9 DMX

Sensational wide angle beam lighting effects including carry bag


Novopro ASP2

Adjustable speaker pole with auto-lock ratchet system


Novopro DJS2

Lightweight white aluminium DJ screen & bag


Novopro LIBRA1

Circular lighting bracket with 35mm pole mount and 32 mounting points


Novopro LIBRA2

Square lighting bracket with 35mm pole mount and 32 mounting points


Novopro LIG300

3 metre high, extendable width T-bar lighting stand, with air cushioning and auto-lock ratchet system


Novopro PS1XL

Unique and innovative, variable height podium stands in white with 2 different scrims


Novopro Scrim for DJS2

Novopro scrim black x4 for DJS2 screen


Novopro SMS50R

A pair of studio monitor desktop stands with adjustable angle top plates


Novopro SMS80R

A pair of studio monitor stands with auto-lock ratchet system and tripod base


Novopro SS3R

A pair of premium speaker stands with air cushioning, auto-lock ratchet system and carry bag








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Why Novopro?

Novopro was launched in 2012. Gerry Frost, the owner of the company, has spent many years within the entertainments industry and started the business to fullfill the demand for products within the marketplace.


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